Mother Maui

Maui, I rest my body in your warm caress.
Ocean waves chant in my ear, my mind and echo into the ocean again.
The division melts.
The mountain west of Lahaina pours down blankets of soft energy, wrapping around me.
Gently soothing my body.
Massaging my feet.
Touching my arms and hands.
Holding me.
I sink into the earth.
And think,
“If I just keep lying here long enough, I will be enveloped.”
She, who birthed me, who birthed us all, will take me back.
I came from her. She assembled herself from explosions of stars, elements hurtling through space. Volcanos, magma, lava flows.
Mother Earth.
Womb planet.
Just like the trees, the flowers, the birds, the turtles around me.
We came from her.
We will return.
I feel the awesome potential of her wrath. Her casual gesture tsunami could break me like a twig without a thought. But right now, her touch is full of kindness.
She is telling me something.
She is showing me what love is.
How love feels.
For I don’t know how many moments, I am ok imagining her swallowing my decomposed remains back into her.
But she is telling me something else besides the obviousness that one day I will be no more and she will take me back.
She’s telling me I’m not finished.
She’s telling me to be her warrior.
She’s telling me to use her power.
To stand on her,
While I stand for her.


On The Road to Hana, Maui


Piper says, “Come back when you’re ready.”
This was my fourth Vortex Energy Healing session from her. I still don’t understand what it is, really. My brain thinks it has it figured out but I know enough to know that what I don’t know is a shit ton more than what I do.

For instance, I know that the sky is blue.
But I don’t know what the sky looks like on billions of planets in the universe. And I probably know about as much about Vortex Energy.

But I do know that it is connecting me back into the world.

Piper says she felt me working on self-worth and shame.

I nod, and say, “yeah, I’ve been working some shit out.”

I was still assimilating Mother Maui’s message.

And I still am.

It has something to do with power. Real power. Not manipulation, or earning potential, or intellectual prowess, all of which I have previously confused with power and wielded like my own casual tsunami.

It’s more like the power of listening. Of feeling.
Of connection.
Of love.
Of feeling the Earth move inside and outside and heeding her call.

Of being the wild child, future-bending, earth warrior, sweet, sweet man I came here to be.


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