Lands End

Walking the trail from Sutro Baths to Lands End and on around to a view of the Golden Gate Bridge and Robin Williams’ house, I stopped to look at the photographs of historic scenes taken along these very shores: women in full length dresses strolling along ocean beach, men in hats and suits escorting them. They walked here once, as I do now and all these people on the trail with me today.

And, just like those caught on film and now plastered on historical guideposts memorializing all their nomoreness, we will be here no more one day.


All the furor, the sublime, the wars, the aching beauty of the coastline yearning for the shore, all the kindnesses, the lies, the greed and the unselfishness here and now will be gone. bather

But we always will have been. We always will have lived here now.

Between the infinity of the past and the eternity of the future we will have been alive, standing courageously in the face of our certain demise. 

Every last one of us, the universe reaching out to itself. Arising awareness, seeking to know itself. Full of only love.

We always will have been here. 

You and me.



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